abracaGTK3 client written in Vala, with a focus on collections.3 yearssummarylogtree
abraca-wallunitGTK2 client written in Vala, with a focus on collections.4 yearssummarylogtree
calypsoUnnamed repository; edit this file to name it for gitweb.4 yearssummarylogtree
chalyx-eleusisChalyx Python XMMS2 client & library4 yearssummarylogtree
cloudstreamUnnamed repository; edit this file to name it for gitweb.4 yearssummarylogtree
cmd_parserA generic C++ command parsing library (used by nyello and iimms2)4 yearssummarylogtree
esperanzaEsperanza (C++/QT4)4 yearssummarylogtree
esperanza-ephraimEsperanza (C++/QT4) Thilo Cestonaro tree4 yearssummarylogtree
flexmms2Client using wxWidgets. The main goal is a customizable media-browser.4 yearssummarylogtree
gntxmms2text-mode client based on libgnt4 yearssummarylogtree
gx2osdGTKmm OSD client4 yearssummarylogtree
gxmms2GTK2 client written in C4 yearssummarylogtree
halctlClient daemon to translate HAL "media key" events to playback commands.4 yearssummarylogtree
iimms2wmii/dwm xmms2 client4 yearssummarylogtree
insanityAn insane gtk2 xmms2 client4 yearssummarylogtree
juxtaposeGTK2 client written in python4 yearssummarylogtree
kjell[DEAD] WinAMP2 skinable client - Python version4 yearssummarylogtree
lindaleRuby/Qt4 power-user GUI client.4 yearssummarylogtree
mpd-bridgeProxy for MPD clients4 yearssummarylogtree
nyellonyello command-line client4 yearssummarylogtree
promoeWinAMP2 skinable client.4 yearssummarylogtree
rxmms2[DEAD] GTK2 client written in ruby4 yearssummarylogtree
turbox2Web-UI written in python4 yearssummarylogtree
x2webm4d w3bh4xx0r1ng4 yearssummarylogtree
x2web-alladm4d w3bh4xx0r1ng4 yearssummarylogtree
xmms-websocketUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.4 yearssummarylogtree
xmms2-notifyDesktop notification client for XMMS23 yearssummarylogtree
xmms2-osdPython X OSD client.4 yearssummarylogtree
xmmsclient-javaPure Java Client Library4 yearssummarylogtree
xmmsdeskbarDeskbar Handler4 yearssummarylogtree
xmmsmenu-osxvolume + basic playback/info status icon.3 yearssummarylogtree
xucyUnnamed repository; edit this file to name it for gitweb.4 yearssummarylogtree
Main trees
XMMS2 Code Review Tree5 weekssummarylogtree
s4the future of information management8 monthssummarylogtree
xmms2-develXMMS2 Development tree.5 weekssummarylogtree
xmms2-stableXMMS2 Stable (latest release) tree3 yearssummarylogtree
xmms2-tutorialTutorials for writing XMMS2 clients.3 yearssummarylogtree
gitweb-xmms2gitweb with XMMS2 project modifications.4 yearssummarylogtree
gmdnsGLib DNS-SD wrapper4 yearssummarylogtree
gmeGame Music Emu4 yearssummarylogtree
test-hasseeb4 yearssummarylogtree
Tools tool for xmms24 yearssummarylogtree
libxmms2qtNative Qt4 bindings for XMMS24 yearssummarylogtree
randomize-xmms24 yearssummarylogtree
xmms2-scrobblerAudioScrobbler/ submission client21 monthssummarylogtree
xmms2covers4 yearssummarylogtree
xmms2toolsXMMS2 Misc tool4 yearssummarylogtree
xmmsgdbUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.3 yearssummarylogtree
xmmsrefdbgTool to help tracking down refcount issues.4 yearssummarylogtree
User trees
xmms2-eclipser12 monthssummarylogtree
xmms2-juhovhjuhovh's personal XMMS2 repository for experimenting2 yearssummarylogtree
xmms2-nesciens3 weekssummarylogtree
buildXCode build files for XMMS2.4 yearssummarylogtree
xmmsclient-objcObjective-C bindings to xmmsclient4 yearssummarylogtree